You didn't seem like a player at all

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I need to work but I must read every possible rumour about the Carrie Brownstein/Annie Clark/Taylor Schilling situation.

—Me and all of Tumblr apparently.


ok so the deal is annie followed some people then unfollowed some people then she followed them now she has unfollowed them? this has sparked rumours of jealousy, infidelity, mental instability, social experimentation, possible withcraft/voodoo, accusations that carrie brownstein is the Lindbergh baby? lots of handwringing, perspiring and confusion. it’s like the world dullest telenovela. somebody get impregnated by a ghost and kick this show into gear jeez.

all-hands-on-the-bad-one said:no no, they refollowed each other on social networks and Annie retweeted a tweet about Carrie, so no worries! :P

Ok, we cool then guys, Annie/Carrie lives.